Sunday, July 12, 2015

What are the Places to Explore near Kanha National Park

One of the spots to see nature at its best is the Kanha National Park. Endowed with the status of a Tiger Reserve in 1975, the park is home to many species of wild life. Animals such as the tiger, chital, leopard, sambar, black buck, barking deer, barasingha and more abound here and so also many varieties of birds. Staying in any of the hotels in Kanha enables the tourist to see nature in all its glory.
Besides the jungle safari, there are a few other places around the national park which are worth visiting. One can stay in some of the best hotels at Kanha for a couple of days to pay a visit to all of them. Following list of such must visit places will help the tourists to make their stay complete in all sense.

Kanha Museum: The museum which is located inside the park gives a glimpse of the rich culture of the state. It is a complete source of information about the geographical landscape of the park and all its aspects.
Bamni Dadar: This spot is also popularly known as the Sunset Point. Besides offering a breathtaking view of the sunset, the spot is a frequent haunt of several animals like sambar, gaur, barking deer and the four horned antelope.
Kawardha Palace: This resort place which was built by King Dharamraj Singh around the early 1930s is about 3 hours drive from the park. Made of Italian marble this beautiful place encompasses an area of 11 acres and has some interesting spots close by like the Bhoramdeo temple, Krishna temple, Madan Manjari Mahal and the Mandawa Mahal.
Medicinal Plantation Conservation Area (MPCA): As the name suggests this place will be more interesting to individuals associated with botanical sciences, however, this place is located in a remote area. Situated about 2 kms from the Mocha village, it is positioned within the denser parts of the forest and hence, it is essential to take a well versed guide while visiting this spot.    
Tourists can take advantage of the several resort getaways and their amenities to make their stay as comfortable as possible. Online bookings in any one of the pleasant hotels at Kanha can be done earlier for assured accommodation.
Many tourists prefer to visit spots where nature rests in all her glory. Kanha National Park is one such place which will give immense satisfaction to these tourists. For some excellent accommodation facilities, visit the link

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