Thursday, July 30, 2015

How Much Calorie Does Your Paneer Dish Has!

Paneer is a favorite food item for many and is healthy too with its high percentage of proteins, calcium and other minerals. But on the other side, paneer is high on fat and as you must be aware of, calories in fat are almost double of calories present in carbohydrates or proteins. In addition to it, how we prepare paneer dishes makes the dish high on calories.

How to reduce calories?
1) Suppose you are making Chilli Paneer then instead of deep frying you can make use of shallow frying method to make it healthier. In addition to it, you may also dry roast them with very little amount of oil in any non-stick frying pan prior to using them.

2) For paneer recipes like matar paneer, you can reduce the amount of cream that is use or even better utilize low fat cream in the preparation to cut down on calories.

3) You can also make paneer using skimmed or low-fat milk in your home which will help to bring down the calories resulting from fat while preserving the amount of protein it has.

Additionally, you can also reduce the amount of butter that it used in the paneer recipes and the cashew or almond paste is added in some of the dishes like in matar paneer. Instead you can use small amount to cashew nuts to achieve the rich creamy taste without increasing calorie content of the dish.

4) If you tend to deep fry them to avoid scrambling then there is a solution for that. Keep the paneer cubes in a microwave safe dish and then heat them in the microwave oven for 1-2 minutes to make them as intact as the fried ones.

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