Sunday, July 12, 2015

Hand Blender or Food Processor - What to Choose?

Both hand blenders and food processors have their own features as well as uses and choice largely depends upon the purpose for which you want to utilize them. In the following sections we will look at features of both of them so that you can decide which one will be most suitable for you as per your requirements.
Choosing Between a Hand Blender and a Food Processor
Hand Blenders
You can use them for blending ingredients or to make a puree without having to take materials out from the utensil in which dish is being prepared. You can use them for making beverages, juices, cocktails, milk shakes and for whipping cream.

When to Choose?
According to hand blender manufacturers these are ideal for tasks which need to be completed quickly and are not very strenuous tasks.
Although, these blenders can be quite powerful and come with specifications such as powerful motors of up to 500 watts, four-tip stainless steel blades for maximum cutting surface and mini chopper attachments.
As per hand blender manufacturers all these features make sure you can confidently perform tasks such as chopping, blending, whipping or making a puree.
Food Processors
Using a food processor you can do many different tasks such as grinding spices, cutting vegetables, blending cocktails or milkshakes, do dry or wet grinding, chopping and grating as well as mincing.
When to Choose?
A food processor is ideal for many of the kitchen drudgeries and useful for situations where a hand blender cannot bear the heavy workload of a busy kitchen. The good thing about them is that they come with different speed options to choose from depending upon the work to be performed.
Some of the features of these appliances include circuit breakers for overload protection as well as to prevent damage to the motor. Apart from that these also have several different jars to be used for different purposes.
Different options like incher and pulse can be used for different purposes such as an incher helps in making milkshakes whereas pulse feature is useful for chopping delicate items such as boiled egg, onion or parsley. 

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