Sunday, July 12, 2015

Different Types of V Belts and its Applications

Most of us show amazement and wonder at how efficiently machines work and how they carry out their tasks automatically, with little or no manual intervention. Little do we realize that while the machine is a larger entity, it truly works with the aid and functioning of the small yet important parts. One such part in the working of a puller or gear mechanism is the V belt. V belt manufacturers in India hold a great amount of demand because of the number of places that the belts are used in. Almost all large-scale production and manufacturing units and plants make use of the V belts or vee belts. The belts work in combination with pulley mechanisms and get attached to two different pulley units, functioning by moving in a loop motion. There are majorly two type of belts that are made in the V pattern and that is why they get their name.
The first and most commonly used belt is the single V belt. This belt is generally used in machinery and equipment that requires a pulley or gear type mechanism for the running of the machine. The belt is used with a single side being inverted on the pulley and the other side being exposed. While the exposed side is broader, the inner side is made narrower for better grip on the pulley. V belt dealer Mumbai, also manufacture a second type of V belt which has two V ends and the center of the belt is made broader. This kind of a belt is used in machines that have more than a single pulley or gear mechanism and a single belt rotates around two pulleys. The two narrow sides of the belt remain wrapped around the pulley or gear. This kind of a belt is used in machines that need to be worked with two pulleys. The V belt is one of the most essential parts of a machine, and it must be chosen after checking all the right qualities, for a better functioning and a longer life.
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