Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Rewrite your Success through Famous Numerologist in Bangalore

You must be aware of the fact that numerology is a system which assigns numbers special meaning which is beyond the mathematical meaning they have. It also connects patterns and numbers present in any group of numbers with objects, events or people in the world.

Different Numerological Methods

According to best numerologist in Pune there are different numerological methods which allot numerical value to different alphabets. Some examples include the Hebrew numerals, Greek numerals and the Abjad numerals.

Chinese Numerology

As per best numerologist in Pune in Chinese numerology different meaning is assigned to numbers and along with it few numbers are regarded as being luckier in comparison to others. Generally, all the even number are thought to be lucky as it is thought that good luck always comes in pairs.

Use of Numerology in Health Treatments
Traditional Chinese medicines and other medical fields like acupuncture rely on numerical association. Like for example, twelve vessels circulate air and blood like the twelve rivers that flow towards central kingdom and 365 body parts which symbolize every day of the year and form the basis for finding all the acupuncture points in the body.
Gaming and Numerology

Many players tend to make use of numerology in games like roulette, bingo and lotteries. Any good numerologist in Bangalore can help gamers figure out their lucky number which can help in increasing possibility of wins in any particular game for the player.

Role of Numerologist in Your Success

Any good numerologist in Mumbai can tell a lot about your character, your potential, your pitfalls and your destiny by simply checking your date of birth to find out the birth number. The birth or the soul number can help in revealing your ingrained approach, your inner self as well as appearance.

Similarly, the missing numbers in your date of birth are considered as areas of character underdevelopment and weakness. A numerologist in Bangalore can easily figure out these numbers by checking the letters present in your name.

According to numerologist in Mumbai these number values of words are found by using various methods but the most popular of them all is the Pythagorean system.

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