Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Best Choice for a Serviced Apartment

There are several benefits of staying in a serviced apartment in comparison to a stay at a hotel. The best choice for any serviced apartment would be a place with the following facilities.

Serviced Apartments and Their Facilities

More Space:
Often the hotel rooms are so small that you feel congested living in them. On the other hand executive accommodation in Mumbai tends to be quite spacious and provide a lot more flexibility just as you get at your home.

Furnished Kitchen:
Even if you feel like making a cup of coffee for yourself then it is not possible in a hotel. But no so if you are staying at executive accommodation in Andheri. These apartments have all the kitchen facilities you can think of ranging from a fridge to microwave oven and gas burners so that you can make whatever you wish to.

Cheaper Option:
Executive homes Mumbai are a lot cheaper option as compared to a hotel stay and one of the primary reasons executive as getting inclined towards staying in them. The facilities along with low pricing are enough incentive for people to choose this type of stay over a hotel stay. 

Ideal Locations: Traveling is a headache nowadays and if you are staying at a remote place then things can become even more problematic. The best thing about executive accommodation in Andheri is that these are situated in prime locations within the city to make traveling easier for executives.

Choice of Apartments: The choices available in terms of executive accommodation in Mumbai are quite varied ranging from studio apartments for solo travelers to penthouses in case you are traveling with a business delegation. Thus you can select any option based upon your requirement and have a comfortable stay.

Laundry Service: Hotels charge a lot for services such as laundry and it tends to increase your overall bill by a significant amount. The difference in case of executive homes Mumbai is that you can do your own laundry and save money since there are washing machines and dryers available for you to use as and when required.

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