Thursday, March 26, 2015

Paneer Recipe - A Typical Indian Food!

Paneer is a food product that is the star of tasty recipes. When food is talked about in India, spicy and innovative paneer recipes don’t stay far behind. It is often seen that paneer is enjoyed greatly in food items in all parts of the country, but is extremely highly used in the northern regions. The food item is a byproduct of milk and has a unique tangy and salty taste. The texture of the food is soft and often melts in the mouth, making it an instant hit among lovers of food. It is made with a whole lot of combinations and eaten with different sorts of Indian breads.

The popularity and the love that people have for paneer, makes it a much used food item and makes it figure on the list of typical Indian foods. The chunks or pieces of paneer when found in tasty and spicy curries, unique to India, adds a flavor to die for and takes the foodie to a new level of satisfaction. The uniqueness in the taste and the richness of the texture easily take the credit for the highly loved food dishes that India is popular for.

A paneer recipe, though a simple mix of spices and vegetables, combined with tangy or spicy flavors, represents the mix of cultures and backgrounds that the Indian people come from. The paneer as a food item, mixes well with sour, spicy, tangy or sweet tastes and this is exactly how the people of India are described. If the country were to be personified into a food product, the uniqueness and the versatility of paneer would stand as a best personification of India.

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