Sunday, December 7, 2014

What is a Desiccant Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier works to regulate ambient moisture levels. It is used in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Several industries require installing a dehumidifier to maintain ideal production ambience at the facility. An industrial dehumidifier can be either refrigerant based or desiccant based. Usually, the former types of appliances are used in warm and humid climates. For cooler, moderate climates, a desiccant dehumidifier is the best. In fact, the desiccant model can also work in sub-zero temperatures.
Before you visit the website of dehumidifier suppliers in India, ensure you have the basic knowledge of the technology. You will need the understanding to choose the right product from the different options.
Basic technology
Essentially, it is all in the rotors. In fact, engineers nickname the rotor as the ‘heart’ of the dehumidifier. The rotor has alternate layers of corrugated sheets, impregnated with a standard desiccant.  This rotor generates the suction to circulate the ambient air through the machine. The air is made to circulate through axial channels running parallel in the appliance. The desiccant absorbs the moisture from the air in its vapor form. So, you need to check with the rotor quality of the industrial dehumidifier products. The quality of the desiccant makes all the difference. For example, the silica gel desiccant is considered among the best in the industry. Unlike powdery desiccants, silica gel desiccants do not dispose dust in the air.
Cost and maintenance
Check the product catalog for the best dehumidifier suppliers in India. Production facility requirements vary widely. You need to choose the appropriate product that keeps the moisture within required limits. Consult your needs with the supplier in detail. In addition, you need to confirm the convenience of maintaining the desiccant dehumidifier. Impurities such as oil mist tend to accumulate on the rotors, hampering its performance. While you cannot prevent the deposit of the microscopic oil particles, you can always wash the rotor periodically. 

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