Sunday, December 7, 2014

Growth of Indian construction chemical manufactures in India

Launched in the year 2000, Build Core Chemicals has become one of the leading construction chemicals manufacturers in India. We have been supplying construction chemicals of superior quality since the day we started our operation. The fact that we are ranked among the best construction chemical companies in India and we have been able to achieve this position only in a span of 12 years proves that there is something special about us. Today we are exporting construction chemicals various countries of Africa, we have a very good client base at Sri Lanka, UAE and Nepal. Though we started our operations under the umbrella of Build Core Chemicals, we have an experience of more than 35 years in dealing with construction chemicals. Our highly efficient and dedicated research and development department, which is based in Mumbai, is working relentlessly to produce more quality chemicals.
We offer more than 200 different types of construction chemicals which are being extensively used by the construction companies from all over India and even in abroad.
Our mission is to produce quality products because we understand that is the excellent quality of our products which has helped us come this far and we are dedicated to keep it that way. We understand that we are dealing with a very important segment. When it comes to construction there has to be 100% assurance that all the products which are being used are authentic and they do not pose any sort of threat in future. As we deal in with one of the most vital aspects of construction works, which is chemicals, we make sure that we supply 100% quality items. This is one aspect we refuse to compromise on.
Our Products
We manufacture different kinds of products which are being used for different purposes in the construction sector. Some of them are –
  1. Floor Repair Systems and Floor Hardeners: Under this category we produce items like dust proofers and sealers, floor toppings made of metal, flooring for high temperature
  2. Anticorrosive coatings: Under this category we deal with stuffs like intermediate coats and epoxy modified base, top coats which are modified by epoxy.
  3. Industrial coating and flooring: Cementitious mortars for self leveling, dust proofers and sealers, epoxy flooring. It needs to be mentioned in this context that we are one of the largest and arguably the best epoxy flooring manufacturer in India.
Apart from the above mentioned types, we manufacture different other types of products. Over the years we have contributed towards successful completion of numerous construction projects in India and abroad. We have a big list of client testimonial to show, which speaks volumes about our status as a company.
Today we are a name to be reckoned with in the field of construction industry in India. We have achieved this position by offering quality products to our clients on a regular basis,.

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