Sunday, December 28, 2014

General Eye Problems in Humans

Eye problems hide the world from one’s full view. Common issues like myopia and hyperopia blur what others can see without glasses. A myopic person is near-sighted. He cannot see the farther things clearly without glasses. Myopia is the commonest type of eye problem known usually as minus power. Any eye care hospital in Mumbai attends hundreds of myopia cases monthly. Glasses and contacts are the usual treatment procedures. The doctor uses advanced equipments to ascertain the exact calibration of eye’s focal length attributes. Based on the observation, the doctor suggests the glass you should use.

Other common eye issues
Hyperopia or hypermetropia is known as the plus power defect. While myopia mostly develops in young patients, hyperopia or far-sightedness is usually a problem associated with age crossing forty. This is also traditionally rectified with glasses. Some people also choose to wear contact lenses. Astigmatism has light focused unevenly on the retina and images look blurry. Presbyopia is another common age related optical issue and is similar to hyperopia. However, it’s mechanism of effect is slightly different.

No glass ceiling
Consult your issue with a specialist eye care hospital in Mumbai. Modern medical advancements allow patients to live a glass-free life even when they had these issues. The LASIK surgery is a laser assisted process where the doctor alters the shape of the cornea very precisely based on unique observation of the patient’s eye condition. The best eye care experts listen patiently to your concerns before testing your eye condition under state-of-the-art equipments.

Equipments available

In fact, you should always confirm whether the medical facility has the latest apparatuses to carry on eye examination and surgery. Look up the availability of Topcon FFA machine, Zeiss operating microscope, sovereign whitestar, and the DORC vitrectomy machine. The last equipment is especially rare in Indian facilities. If you find it somewhere, then it clearly indicates the competency of the service

However, just having the latest equipments is not going to suffice. Machines are of no use when the people using them are not highly skilled. In other words, you should not hesitate to confirm whether the service employs the best eye care experts. Look up the resources on their website. Find out the experience of the doctors. Read patient testimonials for a clarity vision on the nature of services you can expect. The doctors will furnish the best eye care tips before and after the surgery, if you choose to do LASIK. It is a very accurate process that can be performed only by a highly skilled surgeon.

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