Saturday, June 3, 2017

Understanding the Relation Between Product Labelling and Brand Identity

A visit to any shopping mall or retail store will reveal how there are many competitive goods for any single category. In a vast and competitive consumer market like India, several brands compete with similar products; and attractive display is the key to successfully increasing sales and promoting market awareness. Proper product labelling plays a very critical role in this competitiveness; and there are several factors which relate brand identity with packaging and labeling solutions. Here are some revelations about this relationship

(a) How New Products are Launched

Even with the best recognized brands, launching a new product means penetrating a market which may already be dominated by a competitor. Attractive packaging is a vital part of launching a new product, and companies will often even cut into their profit margins to get the right kind of packaging for new products. While new products have more to relate to with the entire packaging rather than just product labelling; it is very important that the labels used on the outer cartons are attractive enough to attract interest. With the latest kinds of special labels, a consumer can even directly obtain information about a product using various applications on their smart phones!

(b) Making Offers to Boost Sales
Almost every brand needs to make special offers from time to time to boost their sales; and this mostly applies to discount stickers and combination packaging that displays the best features of such offers. This means that a single product may need several different kinds of product labelling prints at any given time, while guaranteeing brand identity. This is why brands prefer to work with a single vendor who is capable of printing a uniform packaging design and stickers which are used during such special offers. By carefully managing distribution between regular packaging and special offers, companies can boost their sales even with heavy discounts or offers like "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" which severely cut into margins.

(c) Authenticity and Brand Security

Product labelling plays a huge role in securing brand identity because authentic goods can be visibly identified against dubious products by the labels used. In vast consumer markets like India, popular brand are often imitated by counterfeiters. While consumers in big cities usually do not have to face this problem, it is quite prevalent in rural and suburban markets. Companies battle counterfeiting by issuing special security labels like hologram stickers and unique digital inks that cannot be copied. Not only is this vital for brand identity, it also helps protect a company's image against harm which such counterfeited products may cause!

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