Thursday, June 15, 2017

Level Up Your Career with Linux Course

Linux helps in your career in a number of ways. Here are few,
Many organizations are looking for people who are skilled at Linux. Thus, your chances of getting a job is increased and if already have a job it enables your chances to go to the next level

It builds your ability to think like a problem solver. You don’t have to prove your abilities with the help of certifications it’s your brain and the thinking capabilities that get you in the limelight. One can have a number of certifications; however, using your brains at the right time is a winner

It enables you to upscale your chances of getting your dream job.  When you understand how capable and valuable you are you have an increased focus towards your dream job

Let’s look at the different types of career opportunities Linux offers,
A technician that manages Linux workstations and desktops

Job roles that include, troubleshooting networks, basic scripting in operating issues, managing the users, performing installations and taking care of the services etc.  Places like schools, data centers and colleges using Linux are few of the areas where you can seek a job. With few years of experience and learning, you can then become a system administrator.

Linux system administrator
If you are a technician and have had an ample exposure to you can become a system administrator. This professional includes everything that a technician would know as well as s level above it.

Applications and web programmer in corporate offices
The need of programmers is in demand as they can code in multiple languages, script in varied languages and manage the services as well. Since it is rapidly growing in the desktop arena a number of software organizations and companies are targeting Linux for games and its applications.

Support system

Professional with proficiencies in Linux is required in an organization to save the costs in the license of desktop change to Linux. They have to support the employees ensure that they do not get confused by the change. Thus, enabling without any downtime

If you are planning to consider Linux here are few things that you will be trained on,

  • Linux and OS installations introduction
  • Basic Linux commands – Essentials
  • Advance Linux commands – Essentials
  • User, group, and file permissions management
  • Package management in Linux
  • System monitoring
  • Cron scheduling
  • Archiving, compression, backup, sync and recovery in Linux
  • Backup and sync files directly in Linux
  • Back up and recover file systems in Linux
  • Network storage management
  • LVM management in Linux
  • RAID management
  • Manage services in Linux
  • Security system and firewall
  • Firewalls and tools
  • Basic shell scripting

Linux course in Mumbai upgrades your skills and techniques that will positively make a difference career-wise. If you are one of the IT aspirants who has decided to take up Linux certification, you will be able to get a considerable share of the market. Getting additional certifications and increasing your knowledge can boost your career in case you are already working in an IT field.

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