Tuesday, January 31, 2017

What Does An MEP Engineer Do?

There was a time when there were only a few branches of engineering, such as electrical, civil and mechanical. But, now, there are various branches or courses of engineering that offer specialized knowledge and training in the specific field.

MEP Course is one of them. MEP stands for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing. It is an engineering course offered by many reputed institutions.

MEP engineers are consulted during construction of new property or renovation of existing properties, for laying out a plan of mechanical, electrical and plumbing solutions for the building and implementing it successfully for the optimum results and utmost comfort of the occupants of the building. They work with builders, architects and other parties during construction.

If we talk in detail about the responsibilities of an MEP engineer, the following activities are part of their job role:

  1. Mechanical: Heating, cooling and ventilation.
    • Decide the type of air conditioning to be implemented.
    • Install air conditioners.
    • Install furnaces.
    • Install exhaust pipes and fans.
  2. Electrical: Providing power to all outlets and appliances.
    • Install all the necessary appliances such as lights, fans, bulbs, etc.
    • Decide the wiring system and implement it.
    • Install light boards and switches.
    • Provide for protection systems of lightning.
    • Design and install fire alarms and security system.
  3. Plumbing: Availability of water for drinking and other uses and decide the drainage system.
  • Handle fire suppression and storm pipe systems.
  • Handle gas delivery system in buildings such as a laboratory.

MEP Engineers learn these various aspects while studying MEP course and apply this knowledge for providing solutions to the buildings.

As the trend of taller buildings has increased owing to the scarcity of land, the importance of MEP Engineers has also increased as they are specialized in the field and they complete the project within time and budget limits.

MEP Engineers are provided complete training in MEP course, from creating designs in computer program AUTOCAD to successfully implementing them and overcoming any obstacles coming in the way.

With their solutions, builders are ensured about the quality and affordability as well as innovative solutions to mechanical, electrical and plumbing aspects of any construction residential or commercial.

To build a future in this industry, you can pursue the MEP course from a recognized institute such as Dimensional Academy. They have 14 years of experience and the best part is that they offer online courses as well.

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