Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Eat More Casein Protein to Burn More Fat

The weight loss formula is simple, that is, eat less calories than what you can burn. Yet the techniques to do the same can vary. The truth however is when it comes to shedding the extra kilos there is no single best way. After all what may suit or work for one may not help another. In fact an individual’s weight loss approach must be one which is enjoyable and at the same time something which they can maintain for a long term. We often have a tendency to skip meals in order to lose the extra weight. But always remember deprivation is not the right formula for weight loss because diets which deprive a person of his/her preferred food items will be short-lived. A sure shot and side effect free formula to weight loss is consuming casein protein. Today there are many casein manufacturers in India that offer such protein powder in different flavours and for different age groups.

What is casein protein?

It is a form of milk protein which is made from the cheese-making technique. Usually it is advised to bodybuilders but the good news is this protein supplement also has benefits for weight maintenance, weight loss and the overall body composition. For making the utmost of this protein powder make it a point to consume it in conjunction with both a well balanced healthy meal and regular exercise.

How it works?

Casein is counted amid the finest protein powders that will help a person feel full for a couple of hours. Derived from cows milk, casein is slow digesting and will take about 5-6 hours to digest completely. Taking this protein shake during breakfast or replace a meal with it during the day will offer the person sustained energy in order to help them stay focused. The best part about taking protein is that it will support the blood sugar level and ward off the hunger pangs as well as irritability which comes with the spikes and also the inevitable drop in blood sugar.

The multiple benefits of taking casein protein to burn fat/lose weight

  • It is a protein that is slow acting which means the body cannot digest it easily and quickly. Owing to this reason, casein will work wonders to handle long-term hunger pangs which in turn will curb your calorie consumption in its entirety
  • It is more satiating compared to other forms of nutrients 
  • Casein accounts for the biggest percentage of protein in milk and it is this factor that helps in making it easier in getting the correct amount especially if one is consuming plenty of milk 
  • It will help in fighting muscle tissue breakdown as it clots. This protein will remain in the stomach and for quite sometime and release its amino acids slowly
  • It is an excellent protein to have at night because it helps in reducing hunger especially if you wish to burn fat. The best part is it will help in keeping the muscles supplied with all the nutrients that it needs

The extra pounds indeed come with baggage and can boost up the likelihood of different health ailments such as gallstones, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, cancer, high cholesterol levels, type 2 diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, heart disease to name a few. So take casein protein and keep your body weight in check.

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