Thursday, August 20, 2015

Significant Features and Benefits Of Hand Dryers

Some of the significant features of these devices are an increased speed, life expectancy, a reduced power consumption and reduction in noise. The customers of these types of dryers can expect all these attributes of a typical dryer. However they must also fit with the space, style and user requirements of a particular washroom. The factors to consider can vary from one sector to another sector. For example, the high end five star hotels and prestigious offices will surely want to enhance their visitors experience. For the hospitals and educational facilities, the durability of the equipment is the key. The benefits of the hand dryers in India have been explained below.


These dryers have good speed which means a very fast drying time which is less than 15 seconds. It is perfect for areas with high traffic. The servicing of this product will be easy and quick. It will take less than three minutes for the job to get completed.


The dryers are ideal for heavy traffic environment. This is because they eliminate the waste and mess that can be easily caused by the solid towels of paper. They can offer a very hygienic alternative to roller towels and papers because there will not be any risk of cross infection from the solid towels.


The hand dryers in india, these days are very high performing once and this means they have a much reduced noise. The WHO has highlighted that any excessive noise can be very harmful to the user’s health. The commitment to have the noise reduced in these high performance hair dryers has surely worked out for the good.

Reduction in costs

When the hand dryers are being chosen, the companies can compare their cost performance against a growing number of criteria. This criterion includes the ease of servicing, power consumption and also life expectancy. The longer a dryer’s life, the lower will be cost per a single dry. Also the return of investment will be much better. The on- going calculation of costs should be built in at the stage of design as the maintenance costs can be very high.

These types of devices are very prominent these days and they can be found in any important place. They are quite useful and this means that the technology associated with them has also improved dramatically. The features and benefits explained above must be taken into consideration.

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