Monday, June 15, 2015

Where to Find Best Link Belt Suppliers in India

Link belts consist of several polyurethane or polyester composite links which are held together using metal studs. The benefit of using them is that they offer easier installation as well as better environmental resistance in comparison to any kind of rubber belts.
In addition to it, these are length adjustable through disassembling as well as removal of links whenever required and have lower noise as well as vibration.

Benefits of Link Belts
The major benefit of these is that they are able to absorb vibration which other standard belts are not able to do.
The reason for this is that the links present in it move just slightly and help in dissipating forces which result in vibration. Apart from that they have better flexibility in comparison to V belts.
Features of Link Belts
Each of the links present in the belt normally adds about 7/8" or 3/4" to the total length of the belt. In addition to it, all the individual sections are generally of 2" length. The other good thing about them is that you can easily assemble them by hand or utilize needle nose pliers for this purpose.
Furthermore, threading of the belt over the pulleys as well as joining of the ends is also a simple task in comparison to any other type of installation of belts. In case the belt is longer than required then a link can be removed and if it’s short then one more can be easily added.
Finding the Best Suppliers
If you are looking for link belts suppliers then there are various ways of finding the best supplier.
  1. You can search online and there are many well reputed suppliers you will be able to get in touch with online.
Before selecting any particular supplier you should also check user reviews about them and their services to be sure of contacting only the reputed companies who are well recognized in the industry.
  1. Another thing you can do while searching for link belts suppliers is to consult your friends to know the suppliers they are working with. From friends you will be able to get good references of suppliers who are known for reliability of their services.

If you are interested in purchasing links belts then Polydrive is one of the leading suppliers of these belts. By buying from Polydrive you can be sure about the quality of the product and have the assurance that you can contact them when needed.  

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