Friday, June 26, 2015

Shahi Paneer - The Ultimate King of Paneer Dishes

The people of India are generally in awe of the rich and ancient princely culture and history of the Indian sub-continent. This is something that clearly shows in the food choices that the Indians make, with dishes that have royal names to dishes that taste like royalty, we have it all. One great example of such a dish is the Shahi Paneer, the paneer recipe is a mix of spices and paneer mixed in a special curry. The main ingredient in the dish being paneer, one not only instantly starts the feeling of a drool developing but the food item also signifies a rich and innovative food background of ancient India.

Paneer is a food ingredient that is developed from milk and is made with a lot of effort and time being spent. This quality of its creation, combined with the creamy flavour that it adds to food, makes it a delicacy that spells royalty. With such an ingredient being the main one in the Shahi Paneer recipe, one is bound to think of the curry as something that is loved and consumed mainly by royals, as the name so aptly suggests.

When one embarks on knowing how the recipe may be created in the comfort of the home, the aspirants do not need to seek too far, because some specialized websites hold the coveted recipe of the curry and one may be able to make their very own royal dish right at home without having to worry about what the king might think!

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