Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What is a Dehumidifier and its Uses?

In case moisture is quite high in your house and dampness is a major problem then best option is to use a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier is quite effective in controlling humidity levels within a house.  It can also help in improving living conditions in your home as well as safeguard you from many of health problems associated with dampness and high moisture.

Uses of Dehumidifier

Prevent Growth of Insects and Dust Mites

As per dehumidifier suppliers in India the advantage of dehumidifiers is that they reduce humidity levels in a house. High humidity becomes breeding place for dust mites and worsens problems like asthma and allergy.

Moisture is also ideal for insects as well as pests and helps them grow at places like laundry room, basement and the bathroom. By controlling humidity you can easily get rid of these problems.

Stop Allergens and Mold

Many of the health problems are caused because of mold which develops in high moisture conditions like close to the shower or around toilet. Similarly, most of the known allergens find humid conditions conducive for living.

The high level of humidity in the house will mean that people in the house will be frequently suffering due to allergic reactions. In case someone in the family has low tolerance to allergens then problems will be more severe for them.

By reducing relative humidity (RH) to required levels of 45% using a dehumidifier, you will be able to fix all these problems.

Resolve Health Issues
Humidity controllers can also help people suffering from health problems such as cold and congested cough. Less humidity in the air can assist them in breathing properly as well as get a good sleep.

According to dehumidifier suppliers in India if someone is suffering from nasal passage irritation or skin problems then the main cause is damp conditions in the house. By balancing the humidity levels in the house these problems can be solved.

If you have itchy eyes, running nose or sore skin then these problems could be because of dust mites which thrive in damp conditions. A dehumidifier can help you get rid of the dampness and along with it all these problems.

Furnishing and High Bills
Dampness can be problematic for furniture in the house and affect their integrity. In addition to it, high moisture in air makes any area feel warmer and increase your energy bills for air conditioner.

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