Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Applying for a Job through a Recruitment Consultant

Normally, individuals who want to look for a change in their careers register their name with the recruitment consultants. However, the experiences encountered by them are two-fold. Some of them find themselves landing a good job easily through them while there are others for whom things just don’t seem to click.

Getting Good Openings

In this era, when the demand for good jobs is high and supply scarce, it is essential to know the correct way of positioning yourself with the recruitment consultants and race ahead of your competitors. Following are some tips to be followed for landing plum positions through the recruitment consultants in Mumbai:

Deal with them respectfully
The recruiter has a tight rope to balance between the candidate and the client’s requirements. The client needs a satisfactory job while the client needs a perfect candidate.  It is therefore essential to respect the recruiter for his knowledge of the job market and deal with them in a professional manner without getting emotional. Be patient even if there is a delay in coming across a suitable opening.

Put your seriousness across

Your commitment to a job change has to be put across the recruiter seriously. The skills and experience possessed by you has to be stated in clear and concise terms and so also your expectations from the job opening you are seeking. It is not right to apply with a recruiter to just test the waters and the recruiter will also see through this and not give the desired attention.

Avoid multitude registrations

It pays to register with a couple of recruitment agencies in Mumbai rather than running to several places. This will enable to reap the benefits of a good relationship that can be developed with the few recruiters.

Responding immediately
You have to keep your cell-phone handy and be on the alert so that the much needed call from the recruiter is not missed. There is nothing more frustrating to the recruiter than to not being able to reach you in the face of a perfect vacancy that fits your experience and skills. If there happens to be a delay in responding to his call there is a likelihood of you missing the perfect opportunity.

Keep your relationship ongoing and alive

Maintaining the relationship with the recruiter who has enabled you to get the job change is like investing into your future career. Being in touch with them helps as you never know when a once-in-a-lifetime job opportunity can come to you through them.

Meeting a good recruitment consultant can make all the difference in your quest for a new job. So, read up on them before you register with them.

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