Thursday, January 1, 2015

Organic soil conditioners are commonly used for improving soil quality and its ability to support healthier plants and crops. Here our aim will be to look at Biosat and benefits of using it as a soil conditioner.

Using Biosat as Soil Conditioner

Biosat is the abbreviation for Biochar based Organic Soil Amendment Technology. The benefit of using Biochar as a soil conditioner is that it is a very good organic soil amendment that has abundance of organic carbon.

Major part of this organic carbon present is of recalcitrant nature. The specialty of such recalcitrant organic carbon is that it decomposes slowly in soil and continues to perform for longer duration after being applied to soil.

This characteristic helps to develop long term soil fertility which is not possible if synthetic chemical fertilizers are used since these only give very short term benefits. These synthetic chemical fertilizers need to be replenished on regular basis for ensuring effectiveness.

Comparison with FYM

You must be aware of farm yard manure or FYM which is a common organic manure used around the world. If we look at soil effectiveness and quality then Biochar clearly outshines FYM since C/N ratio is quite higher in comparison to FYM.

In addition to it, the carbon present in FYM tends to decompose very easily, making it necessary to periodically replenish the soil with fresh application. If FYM is of not good quality then there are risks of white grubs, weeding or termites due to FYM. These problems are not faced when organic soil conditioners such as Biochar are used.

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