Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hiring the best UK visa consultants for Refusal Appeals!

Visa is basically a sanction on one's passport that allows a person or makes him liable to stay in a particular country and leave that country after stay of definite period of time. Many countries have many rules in granting or refusing visas. The UK also has its own sets of rules concerned with granting a visa. There are many kinds of visas like, visa for business or tourism, work visas, visas for students and many other as well. There is one other type of visa called as dependent visa. These applications are given by the ones dependent on the person already settled in the UK. If you are not lucky, you may come across situation like UK dependant visa refused! Visas are rejected because of the many causes like,

  • When the person tries to apply for a visa with forged documents.

  • Providing wrong information during the interview.

  • If the visa holder is not sure about the period of stay.

  • If you have never visited the place you are planning to visit.

  • If your visa for the UK is refused you have the right to appeal against this decision. The firm which receives the UK visa refusal appeal is The Asylum and immigration tribunal. But you can’t go through this process alone. A layman is not aware of all the legal practices and processes. You need to hire a visa consultant who can help you get through this. He should be an experienced person in the field of immigration. Not only should you hire the consultant after refusing visitor visa for UK you should also hire the expert while filling in the visa. This will reduce the risks of the refusal of the visa. A consultant serves many functions. He can be of a legal background or not all together. The immigration consultant helps you in many immigration related processes. They help to complete the documents in a neat and a proper way. They answer your every question with adequate and logical answers.

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