Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Top 5 Motivational Speakers In India +1

For this list (with reasons provided) I had to personally view a number of 'Motivational Speeches' and decide upon "Fair Judgment" at a personal level.

After all, any "Top 5 / Top 10" Lists are in fact EXTREMELY personal choices and entirely relative to the reasons and choices of the author.

However, for my list of the "Top 5" Indian motivational speakers, I have chosen from names which are not among "Professional" speakers like Mr. Deepak Chopra or Mr. Shiv Khera who are earn their living as Professional Speakers!

My list brings forth the names of Well Known Personalities who are not quintessentially "Professional Speakers"; but have delivered extremely motivational speeches and conducted their words and presence on stage brilliantly

# 1 - Mr. Ratan Tata
Mr. Ratan Tata readily takes #1 on my list (remember, I'm not 'Ranking', and it's JUST a Number)! He may be one of India's best minds in terms of business and international commerce; but Mr. R. Tata has the unique skill of being an excellent speaker, and can present himself on stage with grace few others are capable of showing. Be it his billion dollar (or Rupee) smile, or excellent stories of experiences in real life he definitely falls among the best Indian motivational speakers.

#2 - Madam Kiran Bedi
Recently a name in politics, Madam Bedi is better known to be one of the country's most efficient and successful IPS Officers, and a stalwart of the Nation's Law and Order System. Be it due to her experiences of hardships as a Lady Officer in a field (primarily) dominated by men; or her charming personality and indepth understanding of Society at large Ms. Bedi is definitely on MY list of top Indian Motivational Speakers!

#3 - Mr. Amitabh Bachchan
The "Big B" of the Indian film industry is bound to be a stage presence NO ONE can ignore. From the highest podiums of International Performance Arts, to the simplest homes in India; Mr. A. Bachchan (Senior) is definitely among the most popular Indian Motivational Speakers. However, beyond his grasp on language and audience - he has stories to share with one and all.

#4 - Mr. Rahul Dravid
As a Sports Person, he is not a "Professional Speaker" but each of "The Wall's" speeches leave a deep and realistic impact on the audience. This is perhaps because he is one of the true legends of Indian Sports who can manage the stage or pitch equally well!

#5 - Ms. Lisa Ray
Not only does her smile capture everyone in the audience, but her survival over Cancer, and reemergence into the Glamour Industry makes super model Lisa Ray one of my favorite among Indian Motivational Speakers. While there might be other gorgeous ladies captivating the stage and audience few do it like Ms. Ray can!

... Bonus

(The Late) Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

He's on the 'Bonus' section because he secures his spot as 'The Best' among all names in the above list; but sadly, is no longer with us. The Former 11th President of India will forever be remembered in his role as a Motivational Force for the Indian youth and science community and for effectively taking India ahead by years so graciously during his career as a scientist!

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