Thursday, June 23, 2016

Modern Nutrition and Packaged Foods - Dairy Whiteners

Manufacturers in India who are into the business of "Processed" milk products are rated among the best in the world.

Dairy whitener manufacturers in India have long produced some of the best quality dry milk products in the world; but do we really understand Dairy Whitener as a key part of nutrition in modern lifestyles?

Let's look at a wider picture

Portable Nutrition: Dairy whitener manufacturers in India and abroad have made an easily perishable food item i.e. milk an easily storable and portable item. People can now travel with dry milk supplies which provide the necessary alternative nutrition supplement when fresh milk is unavailable. This is true for various citable instances from travelers trekking on remote mountains, to Army personnel who require portable food supplies into the inaccessible recesses of our country where 'Fresh Milk' (or in fact any other fresh food) is far from thought!

Non-Dairy Whiteners: It is a fact that not all 'Dairy' whiteners are in fact "Milk Based". Some companies manufacture Soy based whiteners, while others may use a mixture of milk solids like casein along with other plant products.

Urban Dietary Necessities: While other fresh foods - like vegetables, fruits, or meats will survive in the fridge without losing much of its nutritional value; milk is not so 'Storage Friendly'. Dairy whitener manufacturers in India (and elsewhere) has made it possible for people leading super-fast urban lives to keep store of emergency milk supplies without having to worry about souring or spoiling; which milk does on the second or third day in the fridge!

World Markets for Milk Products: The majority world does not see 'Milk' as a vital part of their daily diet as India does. Culturally, most of the world is not accustomed to milk of other animals as a part of their natural diet! However, with products like Condensed Milk and (Dry) Dairy Whiteners; manufacturers in India (and abroad) have been able to introduce "Processed Milk" products as a key part of diet and a common nutritional item across the world.

Lactose Intolerant Consumers: It is also vital to know that about 60% of the human population (including a certain percentage of Indians) are 'Lactose Intolerant'. Dairy Whitener manufactures in India and across the world have introduced "Processed Milk" that is consumable by the 'lactose intolerant' people safely.

Processed milk producers like Dairy Whitener manufactures in India are ranked among the best in the world. While many other countries also manufacture processed milk products, the Indian Dairy Industry commands a reputation and fame of its own - and the world markets just can't get enough of quality dairy products from India!

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