Friday, May 27, 2016

Fully Furnished Service Apartments

Serviced apartments are the best and viable alternative for many business travelers to carry out their desired business works in a hassle-free fashion, allowing them to concentrate on the major purpose of their business visit. This situation is especially more profound while visiting Mumbai for a business trip, as the cost of accommodation in hotels and guest houses are significantly higher as compared to other cities.

Apartments in Mumbai come in various costs based on the size and its location and Mumbai, being the commercial capital of the country, is the mostly visited by many business travelers from many parts of the country. Unfurnished apartments in Mumbai provide only basic facilities prompting the user to search in different places for their other basic requirements like food, telecommunication services, cleaning and washing services. Furnished Serviced Apartments offer a homely atmosphere with lots of facilities to the many travelers of the city as it allows them to maintain privacy and lead a similar lifestyle to that adopted in their homes.

The city is the house of numerous industries in varying sizes and attracts many big businesspersons to conduct their client meetings in luxurious hotels for expanding their business. They generally hold or attend meetings in big luxurious hotels depending upon the type of the business meeting. These hotels have vital limitations like
  • Lack of privacy and exclusivity, as more such meetings are held at the same hotel.
  • The prohibitive cost of meeting halls and accommodation including the luxury taxes levied in the final bill.
  • The cost of food and desired beverages are significantly higher in these hotels than commonly available in the outside places.
  • Non availability of fitting rooms and conference halls in business seasons, requiring prior advance booking.
  • Suitable hotels with desired facilities may not be available in the preferred location of various business people.
These major constraints can be avoided by conducting the small business conferences and client meetings in luxury serviced apartments that are available in various sizes and different locations in Mumbai. Luxury serviced apartments comes with fully air-conditioned large accommodation area, refrigerator, mini conference halls, Television with widest possible channel options, High-speed internet with Wi-Fi facilities and efficient housekeeping services. These luxury apartments offer the varied travelers all modern facilities that are available in luxury hotels, but at a much-discounted cost for the travelers.

Similarly numerous small businessperson and small time vendors visit Mumbai to procure their desired goods from various wholesale manufacturers at a lower rate and sell them in their respective towns and cities for a higher cost. Thus, the city is the most happening place for all types of businesses, where these business travelers stay for few days to complete their intended tasks.

Budget Serviced Apartments in Mumbai offer cost-effective accommodation option for such travelers to the city by providing the necessary facilities essential for the stay including the kitchen for self-cooking, and housekeeping services at a significantly lesser cost as compared with hotels and guest houses. Thus, furnished serviced apartments offer many advantages to these small-time business travelers, and they can choose their desired one from among the vast range of budgeted service apartments in Mumbai.

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