Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Butter Manufacturing Companies in India

Butter is basically manufactured from the pasteurized or raw milk of goats, cows and in ancient days it was also made up of the milk of camels or sheep.  The fat granules are shared for the purpose of breaking up the granules for causing them to condense in a solid form, this happens when the cream is separated from milk. Butter is a thing which is used in every household kitchen. There are a number of recipients which are incomplete without butter, this is the reason why there are a number of butter companies in India.

To make one pound of butter, somewhere around twenty-one pound of cow milk is required. Most of the butter is manufactured in family farms, this is the reason why the taste of the butter of a particular area is different from the other one. This is the basic butter manufacturing process.

There is a huge difference in the actual butter and the butter which is generally known by the common people. It is actually margarine and it is made of trans fat and added oil and it is used as a substitute for the real butter. There are also a number of other spreads which are generally known as butter, this is made of nuts, fruits or vegetable, and the examples of it is almond butter, peanut butter, coaca and some other varieties as well.

As the butter has some of the wonderful quantities and it provides delicious taste to the foods on which it is added. As veganism has increased a lot and the vegan butter is made of soy or nut oil and it is used in desserts and cookies as well.  There are a number of butter manufacturers in India who provide different variety of butter.

Including butter in your diet has a number of benefits; let us have a look at some of them

It is an excellent source to get Vitamins:  There are many benefits of having butter in your diet but the best thing which you can get from butter is Vitamin A which nurtures a number of parts of our body. Apart from the Vitamin A, butter has a number of other Vitamins as well such as D, E, and K.

A good source of minerals: There are a number of minerals which are found in butter, minerals such as chromium, manganese, selenium, copper and zinc. These are the powerful antioxidants.  Along with this butter is also a great source of iodine.

Perfect Balance of Omega 6 Fats and Omega 3: There is an acid found in butter which is known as arachidonic, it proves very helpful in the functioning of the brain, in skin health and in prostaglandin balance.

Apart from the above benefits there are many other great benefits of including butter in your diet. If you are looking to get the best quality butter then you can also get in touch Schrebier as they provide the best quality butter and their product range is quite huge.

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