Monday, February 29, 2016

Why A Serviced Office Can Save Your Small Business Money

In today’s competitive business environment, starting-up and sustaining a small business is a huge challenge considering the ever-increasing cost of running the business. Small business requires various rational decisions in all their business activities to run a cost effective business.  As owner of a small business, you need to make many cost effective decisions in all your day-to-day business operations to sustain its business growth for a long period of time. Among all areas of cost, Office space ranks the biggest expense for a small business. The commercial office leasing prices have witnessed exponential growth in recent years all around the world. Small business owners have to incur lot of money to get a good space depending upon the nature of the business and size of work force. Apart from this, small business needs to incur high costs in setting up basic facilities like office tables, air-conditioning and communication devices which will again cost a fortune for a small business. In such a scenario, serviced office presents viable, cost effective alternative for your small business.

Serviced Office Space

Globally, more and more small businesses are utilizing the service office to reduce the operation costs involved in the business. The small business can conduct hassle free operations by utilising the services and facilities of serviced office for a monthly rent.

Serviced Office Facilities

The various facilities provided by serviced office include
  • Dedicated Receptionist
  • Telecommunications and IT infrastructure like Telephone, computers, printers 
  • Office infrastructures like Air-conditioning, Furniture, conference rooms
  • High speed Internet connection with WI-FI facilities
  • Security
Serviced Office And Cost Savings

A small business can save lot of money for choosing serviced office for their operations as compared to leasing a commercial space. Some cost savings include
  • By renting out a serviced office, a small business can save nearly 80% cost of establishing an office as it takes care of important facilities and services required for business operations.
  • Small businesses can share reception services, office equipment’s like computers, telephones, printers, thereby reducing costs involved in the purchase of expensive business machines.
  • Small business can save lot of money on furniture and other infrastructures like air-conditioning, security services.
  • Discounts are also offered by the shared office provider depending upon requirement of number of offices or floors by a small business.
Therefore, a serviced office will be a profitable, prudent choice, which will save lot of money for your small business.

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