Saturday, February 21, 2015

How to Appeal Against Visa Refusal?

When traveling to a foreign country, one is expected to know and follow the rules of the local government in the foreign country. These foreign countries have their own policies and rules which immigrants and visitors are required to adhere to. At times, when the criteria of a traveler do not match those of the visa requirements, the visa for travel may not be granted. If a person wanting to travel to UK, needs a visa, he or she needs to fulfill all the visa requirements, failing which the visa for UK may get refused. In such cases the applicant would need to file for a UK visa refusal appeal. This means that the person who faces a refusal for visa would need to file for an appeal to have the visa request reconsidered. There are different rules for reviewing the UK visa appeals. Someone who fails to be able to get a visa from outside UK, may not have the complete right to appeal for a visa. The cases could be ones that have refused visitor visa for UK or it could be a case of refused spouse visa UK. Such cases are liable only for a review of the points based system, where a person may appeal to have the points checked again.

There are cases when a person needs to appeal for a refused visa while he or she is in the UK. In such cases there are two steps of procedure. The first step is to apply in the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal, and be heard by a Tribunal judge. The first step is carried out by filing the grounds of appeal after which the second step of the hearing is carried out. A judicial review application may be made by a person who has been refused a visa for UK. Under this system, the person would need to prove satisfactorily, how he or she might get affected by not being granted the visa for UK. Since these systems are directed only under law, it is essential that an appellant takes professional help in going ahead with the appeal processes. A professional would be able to go through the right channel and might be able to help in achieving a favorable result for those in distress when it relates to visa issues in the UK.

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